Dönmez Mühendislik

Environment and OHS Policy

As Dönmez Mühendislik, our desire and aim is to leave a more livable world to future generations.


Our Environmental Policy

To comply with legal legislation and regulations related to environment,

To determine the risks, to take precautions, to apply them in order to prevent possible damages to the environment during all works,
Ensuring the optimum use and protection of natural and other resources in all works, keeping all hazardous and non-hazardous wastes under control and minimizing their impact on the environment,
To reduce the risk of pollution that may adversely affect the environment and to prevent the spread of possible pollution with the systems and methods to be applied in all works.

Our OHS Policy is,

To comply with the legal legislation and regulations regarding occupational health and safety,

Ensuring continuous improvement by ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety criteria during all works,

To give priority to the minimum level of occupational accidents by determining precautions to prevent work accidents,

To inform all our employees in order to make them aware of their individual OHS responsibilities.